10 WordPress Popup Plugins to Increase the Site Conversion Rate

WordPress Popup plugins

The first priority for many digital marketers is to optimize conversion rates. Bloggers too can gain publicity by using WordPress Popup plugins while any visitor enters your site, or only to exhibit them an offer accessible on your site, or get that person registered for newsletter. Though these tasks are not simple, but they aren’t […]

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On: 4  Aug  2015

Tips for Startup Website Design

Startups are popping up almost everywhere. Young people in their twenties are no longer interested in joining big brands and spend the rest of their lives doing 9 to 5 jobs. These young people are more ambitious and don’t think twice to take huge risk. However, in majority of cases, these young entrepreneurs don’t have […]

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On: 4  Jul  2015

5 Simple Ways to Optimize Your Website for Lead Generation

It’s not enough just to have a great website. You can have an awesome design, be readily viewable on a variety of devices, and post the latest and greatest coding available. None of this is going to do you any good unless you fully optimize website generate leads your business needs. Leads can be converted […]

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On: 2  Jul  2015

Designing a Website for Medical Sector – Things to Follow

Designing a website for healthcare organization is drastically different from designing a standard web page because here you will need to empathize with the targeted audience. Unlike traditional web design process where the designer has to go extra miles to make the design stand out, in medical web design, designers have to work really hard […]

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On: 30  Jan  2015

35+ Beautiful Examples of Colorful Websites

The web is quick to advance, and certainly the web design industry is the one leading the way. If you are a designer all over the Internet don’t waste your time on useless websites. There are lots of great visual inspiration websites to help you develop your creativity and new ideas. Attractive web design has […]

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On: 6  Jan  2015

6 Ways to Use HTML5 Features to Get Best Results

6 Ways to Use HTML5 Features to Get Best Results

HTML5 web development is becoming the most sought-after trend that developers follow, as it renders them great profits that other web technology can’t. Plus, it’s easy to understand and is a lot better than previous HTML iterations. In fact, HTML5’s standards and APIs are supported by major browsers. Below is a list of benefits of […]

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On: 9  Oct  2014

45 WordPress Themes for Artists

45 WordPress Themes for Artists

Art and technology do not share a very cordial relation and rarely go together but not in the present times. These days, an artist cannot expect to achieve his dreams if he keeps himself immersed in his art without taking on a technical avatar. The cyberspace provides the artists with a great opportunity to bring […]

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On: 24  Sep  2014

35 Cool jQuery and Css Animation Effects

Cool jQuery and Css Animation Effects

If you are a web designer or developer you must be aware with jQuery, CSS functionality uses. CSS3 and jQuery have radically changed the way web development. You want to create some beautiful and amazing elements quite easily without much effort or coding. In this showcasing, we have pick up beautiful Preloading Effects, Adaptive Modal, […]

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On: 16  Sep  2014

Top 50 Culture WordPress Themes

Top 50 Culture WordPress Themes

It’s Time to Have Fun: Top 50 Culture WordPress Themes Entertainment plays a big role in our lives. With its diversity and ability to brighten our hard life, it’s universally desired and sought after. No matter what kind of fun is to your liking, you can easily find a way to get the best of […]

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On: 11  Sep  2014

Stunning Orange and Yellow Color Website Designs

Choosing a right color scheme is not always easy and it’s essential to your website’s design. Your layout design including font should be developed in concert with your color scheme, which can ensure readability, cohesiveness. From these collections you can find something really bold designs, which mix and match some orange and yellow color combinations. […]

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On: 1  Sep  2014